Integer Matrix Keys for Secure Data Aggregation in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks

G. Chethana, K.V. Padmaja


Providing Privacy and security for aggregated data in wireless sensor networks has drawn the attention of practicing engineers and researchers globally. Several cryptographic methods have been already proposed to solve security and data integrity problems for aggregated data. Matrix cryptography is a better option for creating secure encryption/decryption algorithms to counter quantum attack. However, these algorithms have higher computational cost and increased communication overhead. Hence, a new technique of loss-less secure data aggregation in Clustered Wireless Sensor Networks is presented. The proposed method uses integer matrices as keys for data security and data integrity. Matrix operations are carried out in finite field Zp. Loss-less secure data aggregation is extended for homomorphic summation while the cipher text expansion ratio is kept substantially low. The proposed algorithm has inbuilt fast and efficient signature verification facility. The execution time of our signature verification mechanism is found to be approximately 50 percent less compared to a couple of standard existing signature verification schemes.

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