Minimizing Delay Using New Dynamic Blocking Expanding Ring Search Technique for Ad hoc Networks

Kavita Prashant Mhatre, Uday Pandit Khot


Energy and latency are the significant Quality of Service parameters of ad hoc networks. Lower latency and Limited energy expenditure of nodes in the ad hoc network contributes to a prolonged lifetime of the network. Reactive protocols determine the route to the destination using a route discovery process which results in increased delay and increased energy expenditure. This paper proposes a new technique of route discovery,Dynamic Blocking Expanded Ring Search (DBERS) which minimizes time delay and energy required for route discovery process. DBERS reduces energy expenditure and time delay occurring in the existing route discovery techniques of reactive protocols. The performance of DBERS is simulated with various network topologies by considering a different number of hop lengths. The analytical results of DBERS are validated through conduction of extensive experiments by simulations that consider topologies with varying hop lengths.The analytical and simulated results of DBERS are evaluated and compared with widely used route discovery techniques such as BERS, BERS+. The comparison of results demonstrates that DBERS provides substantial improvement in time efficiency(53.88% and 26.66% comapred with BERS and BERS+ respectively) and also minimizes energy consumption.

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