Intelligent Data Sensitive Security Model for Big Data in Healthcare using Fuzzy Logic

Somya Dubey, Dhanraj Verma


An intelligent security model for the big data environment is presented in this paper. The proposed security framework is data sensitive in nature and the level of security offered is defined on the basis of the data secrecy standard. The application area preferred in this work is the healthcare sector where the amount of data generated through the digitization and aggregation of medical equipments readings and reports is huge. The handling and processing of this great amount of data has posed a serious challenge to the researchers. The analytical outcomes of the study of this data are further used for the advancement of the medical prognostics and diagnostics. Security and privacy of this data is also a very important aspect in healthcare sector and has been incorporated in the healthcare act of many countries. However the security level implemented conventionally is of same level to the complete data which not a smart strategy considering the varying level of sensitivity of data. It is inefficient for the data of high sensitivity and redundant for the data of low sensitivity. An intelligent data sensitive security framework is therefore proposed in this paper which provides the security level best suited for the data of given sensitivity. Fuzzy logic decision making technique is used in this work to determine the security level for a respective sensitivity level. Various patient attributes are used to take the intelligent decision about the security level through fuzzy inference system. The effectiveness and the efficacy of the proposed work is verified through the experimental study.

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