Square Root Raised Cosine Fractionally Delaying Nyquist Filter – Design and Performance Evaluation

Ewa Hermanowicz, Mirosław Rojewski


In this paper we propose a discrete-time FIR (Finite Impulse Response) filter which is meant to be applied as a square root Nyquist filter and fractional delay filter simultaneously. The filter enables to substitute for a cascade of square root raised cosine (SRRC) Nyquist filter and fractional delay filter in one device/algorithm. The aim is to compensate for transmission delay in digital communication system. Performance of the filter in the role of a matched filter is evaluated using a newly defined energetic ISI (Intersymbol Interference) measure and ability of the filter to completely eliminate the ISI involved by fractional delay of symbol shaping filter in transmitter or by channel delay. Considerations and results of the contribution are documented by suitable eye-diagrams and the SRRC filter responses.

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