Implementation of Auto Failover on SD-WAN Technology with BGP Routing Method on Fortigate Routers at XYZ Company



The current technological development is SD-WAN which provides high-performance access for users located far from the head office so as to allow faster network connections and has been facilitated automation techniques for branch offices. This research solves the problem of XYZ company because it is known that the company requires network connectivity with a high SLA (Service Level Agreement) and no downtime in the information exchange process. This research hypothesis assumes that using SD-WAN would be ideal and the problems with XYZ company were resolved. The purpose of this research is the implementation of a WAN network using SD-WAN technology against two ISPs on the FortiGate router, as well as testing QoS (Quality of Service) that has been configured using the BGP routing method. This research plan consists of ISP-A using IP-VPN (Internet Protocol-Virtual Private Network) and ISP-B using broadband Internet. The test scenario was carried out using 3 methods, namely Full Service Scenario, Fail Over Scenario-1 when the IP VPN service is down and Fail Over Scenario-2 when the broadband Internet service is down. The final results of the research have obtained "Satisfactory" results for both services, including the average index on ISP-A and ISP-B of 3.7.

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Lukman Medriavin Silalahi, Universitas Mercu Buana

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